ONCE UPON A RHYME is a series of illustrations for all ages, depicting the majority of the English traditional rhymes, limericks, tongue twisters and a few delightful short poems and some English idioms and more besides. Some were written over 400 years ago, therefore you will find some not quite politically correct and others hard to understand as the original meanings are vague, nevertheless they have been included to keep them alive for the interest of generations to come and it may stop them from disappearing altogether in our new world of computer virtual reality.

The illustrations all join together to form a panorama - a trip though the land of the nursery rhyme! Each illustration is available as a high quality print and can be purchased individually or joined to the next one in the series as a double width print. You can see examples of these at the bottom of this page. All the illustrations come with a free booklet (.pdf) that includes all the nursery rhymes referenced in that illustration. Click on an illustration to see a larger version or go to the page for that illustration to see all the nursery rhymes.

You can contact Roger, for details of pricing and how order prints, by phone: 01332 554011, or by email: roger@onceuponarhyme.co.uk

East End Mews

Take a trip down the East End Mews where many interesting characters live and read all about them in the 'Mews News'. On the street you meet the Costermongers as they trade - find out all about them and learn a little Cockney rhyming slang in the 'Costermongers' Courier'.

Memory Lane

Come down Memory Lane to the Old School where you will find many children you already know - you can read about them in their 'School Report'. A new railway line has opened and you can read about that in the 'Railway Express Leaflet'.

The Emporium

The New Emporium is full of stories about shops and shoppers. These stories are told in 'The Emporium' and 'Shoppers' Weekly'.

The Eagle

Wander up and down the City Road in front of the Eagle public house. Read in 'The Eagle Eye' about of the pleasures and danger of drinking too much. You also can read what is in store for the future in the 'Undertakers' Chronicle and Dying Today'.

Parsons Green

The folk at Parson's Green work hard at the forge in 'The Smithy Toiler' and we read all about the locals in the 'Village Gossip'.

The Homes

In the Homes, the characters and their children live in strange houses - you can read about their stories in 'Home Life' and 'Children's World'.

Banbury Cross

Ride your cock horse to Banbury Cross where you can listen to the 'Banbury Banter' and all that goes on at the 'Banbury Market'.

Banbury Fayre

At Banbury Fayre discover folk at 'The Funfair' and see them taste the delights of the Worlds largest apple pie at the 'Food Fair' - here you can find many people with interesting professions!

The Circus

See all the sights and read about the the circus, meet the tumblers and clowns, trapeze artists and many others. Around the Menagerie find all the animals in the alphabet.

The Church

Here's the Church, and here's the Steeple
Open the door and meet the people.
From birth to death, whose getting Christened
Who's getting Married, whose Funeral is it.
Read all the local news in Saint Pauls' Parish Magazine.

The Palace

At the Palace a Garden Party is taking place with a lot of Royal guests that you can learn about in The Palace Bulletin. News of the Military can be read in Military Matters.

The Woods

In the Woods you will find the Gipsies have made camp and they have many stories to tell.

The Dairy

Read in the Daily Dairy all the news of the folks that work there.

The Farm

At Old MacDonald’s Farm you will meet all the animals and see the House that Jack Built.

The Mills

It is windy wet weather down by the Mills. You can read about the millers and those who visit.

The Seaside

At the Seaside some are enjoying the beach and over in the busy harbour a ship has come to port to unload and sailors are going on leave.

The Lighthouse

Read the shipping rules in The Light House News, and look out for the mermaids.

The Ocean

Watch the very last pirate ship sail away on the Ocean and do try and read about all the folk who are sailing on her in many books you can find in the future.