ONCE UPON A RHYME is a series of illustrations for all ages, depicting the majority of the English traditional rhymes, limericks, tongue twisters and a few delightful short poems and some English idioms and more besides. Some were written over 400 years ago, therefore you will find some not quite politically correct and others hard to understand as the original meanings are vague, nevertheless they have been included to keep them alive for the interest of generations to come and it may stop them from disappearing altogether in our new world of computer virtual reality.

While we can find many comprehensive lists of rhymes and individual drawings it seems nobody has brought the majority of them all together in such a way. It well maybe the very first and the very last of its kind that is drawn in this old style.

Just as the fairy stories a few of the rhymes are, cruel and horrible and sad, but most are amusing. For the very young they are pictures to grow up with, as at first much will not be understood but much about life and history can be slowly learnt from them, for the older generations it gives an opportunity to spend time explaining to the young when at an appropriate age.

You can purchase just the one you like or collect them all and display them individually in groups, as flip art chart, as a very large wall frieze, or just fold them in half and keep them all together as a collection, you can even cut the side borders off, join them together on the back with tape, and make a concertina type book which you can spread out occasionally on the floor. (This was done with the mock-up sketches; it is a most impressive sight and a lot of fun as everybody gets on their hands and knees to search out their favourites.)

I sincerely hope you enjoy looking and searching for your favourite rhymes and other hidden items. If you start collecting them you may as the boy or girl that is drawn in each picture delivering the daily newspapers and wander away from the PALACE and CASTLE to find yourself meandering through the streets of LONDON before journeying through the countryside’s communities until you reach the coast.

You can contact Roger, for details of pricing and how order prints, by phone: 01332 554011, or by email: roger@onceuponarhyme.co.uk